From ashes to diamonds: Make synthetic gems out of your dead loved ones

Diamonds are forever. So are memories. One company based in Chur, Switzerland, actually manufactures what they call ‘memorial diamonds’ out of the cremated remains of any select loved ones. The company was started by then university schoolmates Rinaldo Willy and Veit Brimer a decade ago, with the interesting proposition of helping to commemorate loved ones anywhere, anytime.

Carbon from the ashes is transformed into graphite under high pressure and temperatures, and in turn is fed into a machine that transforms the substance into a rough diamond. Next, it is cut and polished to look indistinguishable from other diamonds, then delivered in a timber box. You can engrave a micro laser inscription on it too. Er, to all these repurposed corpse-gems: shine on, you crazy diamond. This is too weird. Too weird.

Via Motherboard

Memorial diamonds
Memorial diamonds

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