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The breakup, quantified in all the ways you can (and can’t) think of

Is this the most depressing use of self quantification we’ve seen? Sure seems like it. The notion of the Quantified Self is all about tracking oneself to acquire quantifiable data pertaining to one’s daily life, so it almost makes sense that someone actually set up a Tumblr quantifying a breakup in visual charts, such as the number of texts that were exchanged in the four months right after the breakup (11,634, including 218 texts from the ex), a breakdown of crying in public (high intensity in the first three months, followed by relative peace in the fourth month), and the 100 most played songs in that time (41 sad,59 happy).

Quantified Breakup
Quantified Breakup
Quantified Breakup
Quantified Breakup Quantified Breakup

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