Featured Image for The realistically-proportioned concept Barbie is now in the works

The realistically-proportioned concept Barbie is now in the works

Move over, Barbie. There’s a new girl in town, and her name is Lammily. For years, artist Nickolay Lamm has been passionate about the negative effects of Barbie’s unrealistic body on the psyche of young women. So much in fact that he made a computer rendition of a doll with the proper proportions of a teenage girl. [Read about our past interview about this Barbie here]

When people asked him where they could buy the realistically-proportioned Barbie, he found that no manufacturer produced such a thing. So he’s creating the toys himself by launching his line of ‘Lammily’ dolls and crowdfunding $95,000 to begin production.

Lammily, in contrast to Barbie, has brown hair by default and comes with minimal makeup. She also has more meat on her, as average women tend to have. The doll’s design allows movement of the wrist, elbows, knees, and feet, allowing her to wear sneakers and comfortable heels. She’s also being promoted as having a sporty lifestyle and simple taste in clothing.

Former Mattel vice president for manufacturing, Robert Rambeau, is even helping Lamm choose a qualified manufacturer for the dolls. Talk about a plot twist!

The company’s tagline is, ‘Average is beautiful’. And it looks like many are in on the idea, with Lamm’s crowdfunding project already 207% funded (he got to 100% in less than a day) with $196, 125 from 5,825 backers.

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