Featured Image for Your face immortalized in ink by these hand-drawn stamps

Your face immortalized in ink by these hand-drawn stamps

Signatures are so last year. It’s time to take narcissism to the next level by having your beloved face immortalized forever on a rubber stamp! Approve documents and mark your territory by inking them with your image and likeness. You can get this neat little branding machine through ‘Stamp Yo Face’, a service that will hand-draw a photo of your choice. Once the illustration is finished, it is cut into rubber, and put on a wooden stamp. Though the narcissism will need a bit of patience, as the process takes around 3-4 weeks. The service offers single portraits, couple portraits, and pet portraits, priced at $65, $100, $65, respectively.

Via Laughing Squid

rubber stamp portraits
rubber stamp portraits
rubber stamp portraits

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