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Volcanoes can create smoke rings better than you can

Who knew volcanoes could do other things aside from erupting and causing widespread panic and fear? Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy can now spew smoke rings, or scientifically known as ‘vortex rings’, after it erupted in November of last year. The rings can measure up to 160 feet across and last up to ten minutes if properly formed. After leaving the volcano, it can travel up to half a mile above the Earth’s surface.

Scientists have no clear explanation for this phenomenon. Although some theorize that the violent eruption might have caused a shift in the structure of the vent, leading to an explosion from a smaller opening within the volcano. Air and steam are then forced to come out faster and in a circular motion, creating a doughnut-shaped cloud of smoke.

Mount Etna isn’t the only talented volcano in the world. Other volcanoes like Stromboli in Italy, Hekla in Iceland, and Mount Aso in Japan, can also produce smoke rings.

Via Viral Forest

vortex ring
vortex ring
vortex ring
vortex ring
vortex ring

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