by Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Thursday 6 March 2014

There ain’t nothing better than to drink your morning coffee from the brain cavity of an ugly mad scientist or a gruesome zombie. Unfortunately, there’s none too many hideous creatures who would offer their heads as mugs. That’s why sculptor Jean Cotton of ‘Making Faces Pottery’, came up with the next best thing: ‘Aesthetically Challenged Mugs’.

These stoneware, hand-sculpted mugs, come in all shapes and sizes of ugly. Some have snot oozing down their nose, some with decomposing skin, and others with funky facial expressions. No one in the office will ever try to drink from this except you! Take that, office thieves!

The mugs are available online at her Etsy shop.

UPDATE: We interviewed Jean Cotton! Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive chat with the ‘Aesthetically Challenged Mugs’ maker.

What inspired you to create pottery that’s ‘hideous’ rather than the usual beautiful stuff we see in stores?

My inspiration for my creations came from 19th century, southern style face jugs.  It sort of evolved into what I’m doing now – all sorts of faces on my stoneware mugs with as many different expressions I can come up with – from scary to downright goofy.

Each is unique since they are individually hand sculpted. Who wants a plain old store bought mug when you can own one that sort of reflects your own personality?  Besides, they’re a great conversation piece too. They’re just not your everyday, ho-hum sort of thing.

Do you have an ugly face in mind before you get started on the pottery, or do you just make it up as you go along? Any pop culture references or inspirations in the making of your mugs?

Most of the time, I make them up as I go along.  Hmmm….they just might reflect the mood I’m in when I’m sculpting them. Sometimes I’ll work out a sketch of an idea I have ahead of time. My background is in illustration, so that comes in handy when I want to sketch the concept out before beginning to sculpt.

Zombies are big right now, so I’ll make a bunch of those at a time.  Always fun to make with their eyes popping out and rotten teeth.

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