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This Boeing Black smartphone self-destructs when tampered with

The Boeing Black is a smartphone that self-destructs when someone tries to tamper with its casing or files. But sadly, it’s not like those devices you see in Mission Impossible, where it blows up in a fiery blaze of glory. Rather, it deletes all its data and renders itself useless, making it anti-theft but also anti-climactic.

Aerospace and defense contractor, Boeing, designed the call-encrypting, tamper-proof phone for government agencies who need secure lines of communication and data storage. The 5.2-by-2.7-inch smartphone runs on Google’s Android operating system and uses a dual SIM card system.

Boeing is mum on the price and release date, because spy phones have to be secretive and stuff. The company says the phone can connect to biometric sensors and satellites. It can also use solar power to extend its battery life.

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