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The Hobbit characters just got gender-swapped

Middle Earth, the greatest sausage fest in the literary world with just 19% of its named characters being female, just got less sausage-y with this gender-swapped series. Russian photographer, Alexander Turchanin, re-imagines the characters from ‘The Hobbit’ by photographing women cosplayers dressed as male characters.

The gender-swapped cast includes Gandalf, Bilbo (or should we say, Bellebo), and Thorin’s company of Dwarves. These imaginative images show that females can take the lead roles from males and make it even more magical. Though for accuracy’s sake, where are the beards? We want bearded ladies!

Via Geekologie

gender swapped lotr
gender swapped lotr
gender swapped lotr
gender swapped lotr
gender swapped lotr

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