Featured Image for A photographic tour of Pitcairn Island (inhabited by just 48 people)

A photographic tour of Pitcairn Island (inhabited by just 48 people)

Imagine living on an island Paradise. For 48 people, this is home, or as it’s commonly called, Pitcairn Island. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, the island is inhabited by the descendants of Bounty mutineers, with just four main families occupying the area. If you’re thinking about joining this community and don’t have ties to those already living on Pitcairn, be prepared to submit an application to the Island Council and the Governor, and to ‘offer skills which will be beneficial to the Pitcairn community’.

I wonder if writer from Lostateminor qualifies as a beneficial skill? Take a look at these pics and feast your eyes on Tony Probst’s favourite pictures of the island (he’s been dubbed the island’s ambassador by the natives).

Via Business Insider


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