Realistically Proportioned Barbie: we interviewed the artist who created it!

Finally, someone had the guts to stand up to that faker, Barbie. Pennsylvania-based artist, Nickolay Lamm, not only voiced out his opinion against Barbie-maker, Mattel, but also created a realistic and properly proportioned version of the doll. In this exclusive interview with the artist, we ask him why he created a ‘Real Barbie’ and how the move has affected the public’s perception. [read our original post about this Barbie here]

Why did you decide to create a realistic Barbie doll?
I wanted to show that average is beautiful.

How long did it take you to pull off the concept, and what was the hardest part in the process?
It took me three months to create. The hardest part was making the 3D printed model.

Seeing as how this project got significant media coverage, do you think the public’s perception of a woman’s ‘perfect figure’ has changed?
I hope so! I can’t gauge exactly how perception is changed. But what’s more important is not how the general public feel about the woman’s perfect figure but what women feel about it.

What’s the best feedback you’ve received from those who have seen the realistic Barbie?
The best feedback I’ve received are emails and in-person thanks.

A lot of comments online said that your version of Barbie is a bit butch and macho. Can we get your opinion on those statements?
If you blow up the realistic Barbie doll to the size of a real human being, she’ll be beautiful. So, I do not think she is butch and macho.

nickolay lamm real barbie design
nickolay lamm real barbie design
nickolay lamm real barbie design
nickolay lamm real barbie design

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