by Inigo del Castillo in New Illustration on Saturday 1 March 2014

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes in the form of 365 penises. An anonymous husband showed his undying and unconditional love to his wife by drawing a penis a day for an entire year, totalling at least 365 private male parts in that span. It all started when the missus bought a whiteboard. Being the mature adult that he is, the penis artist said he’d draw penises on it every day. Of course, the wife dared him to do so; and when someone dares you to draw penises, you draw penis!

A year later, the world is now 365 penises richer. The NSFW illustrations include scissors penis, Penis-zilla, Franken-penis, Tyrannosaurus-penis, unicorn penis, and many more. How about you, what have you done for your wife lately?

Via Incredible Things