by Elise Boyd in New Events on Friday 28 February 2014

Back for another summer in Australia, Spiegelworld’s new show, Empire, is a collection of acts featuring their unique blend of circus, comedy, cabaret, aerobatics, and burlesque. The best part? It’s all performed in a Belgian-style Spiegeltent, including a bar and beer garden that you can enjoy before you enter.

We guarantee you’ll ooh, ahh, and probably be slightly turned on, yet slightly turned off your dinner plans for the evening at times as the talented troupe thoroughly entertain, delight and gross you out while making you groan with laughter.

Highlights of the evening included a cameo penis appearance within the first five minutes of the show; the smiling, beautiful contortionist (the smile was unrelated to the cameo penis, we’re sure), and the most impressive foot juggling we’ve ever seen.

Well, the only foot juggling we’ve ever seen, but it had our jaws dropping.

Most impressive, however, was the ten plus minutes of concentrated silence from the otherwise rowdy crowd as they held their breath in anticipation while watching a man balance a feather on an intricate structure of sticks.

The whole production was wrapped together nicely with its catchy live soundtrack by the in-house band, featuring quality covers of popular pop tunes.

It’s hard for a circus troupe not to be compared with Cirque du Soleil, but the troupe said it best themselves addressing the audience in the opening monologue, saying: ‘We don’t have to tell a story just because Cirque do. We’re here to fucking entertain you’.

Unlike Cirque, Empire’s Spiegeltent has probably popped up near you, with the troupe already having toured Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane so far. You can catch the last legs of their tour in Sydney (currently showing) and Melbourne from March 14 onwards.

More information here.