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Japanese man becomes a turkey using only a sweater

Turns out you can use a single sweater in protecting your entire body from the freezing cold. It also turns out that you can use that sweater to instantly shape-shift into a turkey, as demonstrated by one Japanese blogger. Sebuyama, a resident writer at Japanese comedy site, Omocoro, didn’t have enough money to buy himself some appropriate winter clothes this year. So he took the only piece of clothing he had, a sweater, and wrapped that around his entire body. And ta-da! Instant human turkey, fresh from wacky world of Japan.

The following images show him in his human and turkey form. At first, butt-naked, then seen fiddling with his laptop, then after feeling a bit cooped up, he took a stroll around town. Without any other winter gear, it looks like the sweater is indeed holding up as a viable and eggcellent clothing option once that nasty ‘Polar Vortex’ comes around again. You might ruffle a few feathers along the way, but hey, anything to keep warm and toasty.

Via Bored Panda

Mr. Sebuyama turkey sweater
Mr. Sebuyama turkey sweater

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