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Cthulhu has come out of the ocean to become a lamp

Who’d expect a hundred-foot malevolent being that hibernates under the ocean would make for a really nifty and crafty (Get it? Get it? Because H.P. LoveCRAFT) lamp? Craftsman Karl Dupéré-Richer spent many months in his home, taming and restructuring the towering giant from pieces like: a flowerpot, an umbrella base, 30 cans, lots of PVC pipes, two bike tires, A PVC patio chair, one acrylic globe light, a few car body parts, and garden hoses.

The Cthulhu lamp is not for sale and is currently located at the EtOH Brasserie in Motreal, Canada. In other news, it’s now suspected that Montreal will soon be wiped out from the face of the Earth.

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cthulhu lamp
cthulhu lamp

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