by Inigo del Castillo in Cool Travel on Thursday 27 February 2014

We’ve heard of pop-up shops before, but pop-up ice hotels? In Hokkaido, Japan, there exists a hotel that will last only as long as the temperature allows it. ‘Ice Hills Hotel’ was the brainchild of local real estate company, ‘Creative Hokkaido’, as part of their initiative to help promote the creative culture of their snowy island.

Collaborating with ‘Clark Gallery’, three artists helped in designing the hotel rooms. Installation artist, Toshihiko Sibuya, embedded fluorescent colour sheets into the ice wall, creating a colourful and frozen cubes of light. Taking inspiration by the sheer whiteness of the region, artist Midori Kambara used natural light to create flowery landscapes into the ice wall. As for sculptor Leo Fujisawa, he carved out ‘Ice Step’, a set of ice stairs that lead to a bed covered with fur.

Of course, no hotel is complete without a bar. But in this special hotel, it’s an ice bar, where the beer is always guaranteed to be chilled.

Via Spoon-Tamago