by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Wednesday 26 February 2014

‘The Legographer’, or a regular LEGO man armed with a camera, travels the big and mysterious world around him and takes amazing photos along the way. Meanwhile, what he doesn’t know is he’s being captured on camera as well, by UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte.

As part of his 365-day project, Whyte photographs the little yellow guy wherever he goes every day for an entire year. He keeps the Legographer in his pocket, and brings him out whenever there’s a moment worth capturing. Whyte uses his iPhone 4s instead of heavy camera equipment, to make those every day photos more convenient and less burdensome. He also shoots from a perspective which detaches us from the human point of view, and brings us closer to the tiny world of the Legographer.

‘The spontaneity of Legography contrasts hugely with my other specialism of shooting long exposures at night,” Whyte says on his blog. He says he had fun “immersing [himself] in the adventures & occasional mishaps of a minifigure photographer’.

Via Bored Panda