by Inigo del Castillo in New Events on Wednesday 26 February 2014

I must say, her sales have been pretty high as of late! 13-year old Girl Scout Danielle Lei was able to sell 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in 2 hours, because she followed the old business advice: ‘location, location, location’. She set up shop outside ‘The Green Cross’, a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco; and for all you innocent souls out there, that only means one thing. MUNCHIES!

The brilliant teenager was accompanied by her mom, who asked permission with the dispensary in advance. At the time, the Girl Scouts of Northern California said to Mashable that they had no problem with the innovative move, though the Girl Scouts of Colorado tweeted that they do not approve of it.

Does this girl have a bright future ahead of her or does she have a bright future ahead of her?

Via Laughing Squid