by Inigo del Castillo in New Fashion on Tuesday 25 February 2014

Have you ever seen a more dapper dog than this? Bodhi, or more popularly known as Menswear Dog, is a 4-year old shiba inu living the stylish life in New York City. He currently has an Indiegogo project underway, and if it’s successful, we could see Menswear Dog’s suits and bow ties on our not-so-stylish pooches very soon.

It all started when husband and wife, Dave Fung and Yena Kim, decided to dress their dog and post the photos on the fashion blog ‘Menswear Dog’. The blog shows Bodhi in GQ-esque outfits, from dressing as a rugged outdoorsman, to wearing a sharp suit in a fancy dinner, to even giving us style tips on what hats to wear. As you can expect, the internet went wild over the cute, well-dressed dog (who can blame them?), prompting the two to come out with their menswear-inspired canine fashion collection.

With a $200 pledge, you could help the project get funding as well as receive a backer reward that includes a signed poster, a t-shirt, a navy blazer, a white collared shirt, an adjustable bowtie. But why stop there? A $300 pledge gets you everything else I just mentioned, plus a playdate with the dapper dog himself! Also, if dressing your dog in a killer suit isn’t enough motivation for you, a percentage of each sale of a Menswear Dog suit will go to ‘The Rescue Paw Foundation’, where a shelter animal will be sponsored for a month.