Featured Image for Fuel, the world’s smallest phone charger

Fuel, the world’s smallest phone charger

When your phone is down to its last remaining breath and there’s no charger in sight, it sure would be handy to have this cute little tub of energy around. Measuring up at a tiny 3.3cm x 2.3 cm x 1.3 cm, ‘Fuel’ is the world’s smallest phone charger, not to mention the cutest! Attach it to your set of keys and you won’t have to worry about that low battery icon ever again. For its size, this little bugger packs a wallop, guzzling you an extra 20-30 minutes of talk time, or up to a few hours on standby.

Using it is a no-brainer: Just pop the lid off the can and plug in the USB nozzle into your phone. Now, sit back and relax as your phone chugs away some much needed energy into its depleted tank.


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Inigo is a writer and graphic designer from Manila, Philippines. He is a soldier of love who will carry you on his strong back of awesomeness when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

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