by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Friday 21 February 2014

Don’t know if these sculptures belong in an art gallery or a horror film. Either way, they’re poetically and horrifically beautiful. Korean artist Dongwook Lee’s takes the human form and masterfully places it in gory everyday life situations through these surreal miniatures. Some of the images provide commentary on modern medicine, like a bunch of heads inside a pack of capsules, or the body squeezed inside a syringe. Other surreal and hyper-realistic works will give you a hard time deciphering their message, but they will equally shock you with their blood and gore. One shows a blade with its handle composed of human bodies, and another shows what looks like a plate filled with more bodies.

The Arario Gallery, which represents Lee, says, ‘His oeuvre stands at an odd intersection of life and death, beauty and cruelty, civilization and wild, and reality and fantasy, unfolding a world of fantasy where people are severed from reality’.

Via Juxtapoz