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Finally! Chopsticks that don’t get lost from each other

Oki Sato of Japanese design firm, Nendo, has come up with a solution to our number one chopstick problem that has lasted for thousands of years: storage. Though scooping up rice comes in a close second.

Keeping chopsticks in storage means you’ll eventually have one stick without a partner because they are so darn hard to keep paired. So Sato came up with two design solutions (with equally cool names), ‘Rassen’ and ‘Kamiai’. He explains to Fast Co. Design, ‘The Rassen chopsticks are a single unit. They’re separated into two for eating, then rejoined into one form when not in use’. The two chopsticks are able to merge into one giant chopstick through their corkscrew base, allowing both to be stored with ease.

‘Kamiai’ on the other hand, gets the job done with something a bit more high tech: magnetic polarity. The chopsticks have notches on one tip, and magnets with opposing polarity in the other. This cool science trick allows the chopsticks to repel each other when in use, and stick to each other when in storage.

The chopsticks will be available for purchase later this year.

Via Fast Co. Design

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