by Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Thursday 20 February 2014

‘Upcycle Fetish’ is a project by Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger, wherein he transforms bicycle seats and handlebars into taxidermy trophies/bike racks. The project began when Scheiger took a trip to the local flea market and thought of a way where he can take recycled bicycle parts and repurpose them into something else. The result was something that parallels that of Pablo Picasso’s ‘Bull Head’.

He gathered whatever scrap parts he could, i.e. stems, handlebars, saddles, from scrap dealers and used bike workshops, then assembled them. The finished product is both aesthetic and practical, serving as a bicycle rack while resembling a hunting trophy.  And a more endangered species-friendly one at that. Some of the bike trophies are up for sale on his website, or you can make one yourself, as he was generous enough in posting the process of how he did it.

Via This Is Colossal