Featured Image for A refrigerator that will really get you amped

A refrigerator that will really get you amped

Here’s a vital man-cave item that could possibly be the coolest thing ever that will get you amped up. The ‘Marshall Fridge’ is a cleverly disguised refrigerator that uses authentic Marshall Amp parts to mask itself from potential beer thieves. It’s complete with the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall’s signature and also comes with adjustable glass shelves and a reversible door to cater to left and right-handed musicians and alcoholics.

Can you just imagine the looks on your bros when you offer them a beer and you go to the Amp and reveal that it’s actually a fridge? You guys will have a rockin’ time with this! If you don’t have a man-cave, it can act as a good alcohol hiding place from your mother while you’re still living in her basement.

Beers in photo not included.

Marshall Fridge
Marshall Fridge
Marshall Fridge
Marshall Fridge

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