by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Wednesday 19 February 2014

So all your friends have been on cruises. They’ve sailed the seas and stopped off at exotic islands along the way. But that’s so 20th century! There’s a new traveling trend and it involves sailing on large ships, but not cruise ships – cargo ships! Harvard historian Maya Jasanoff made the leap from cruise to cargo in a 27-day journey from China to Europe aboard the ‘Christophe Colomb’.

Her journey included learning about the sailors’ lives, watching out for pirates and waking up in more countries than most people get to travel to. Of her cargo ship travels Jasanoff says, ‘Being mostly cut off from land-bound contact has given me a new sense of how selective and incomplete anybody‚Äôs understanding of the world, beyond the limits of our own lives, can be.’ And if you’re wondering how to get started on your very own cargo cruise ship, there’s actually a place to book yourself a ticket online!

Via Al Jazeera America