Meet the skateboarding feline of Coolangatta, Australia

In the Australian town of Coolangatta, there’s a cat whose claim to fame is to be the Tony Hawk of felines. Didga, the skateboarding cat, was seen cruising through town on his motorized skateboard name Ollie. People left and right couldn’t believe their eyes with what they were seeing. What’s more impressive is that Didga also managed to perform tricks and stunts along the way, including hopping over a Rottweiler and safely landing back again on Ollie. Talk about risking his nine lives!

Cat trainer and YouTube user Robert Dollwet, said that filming and editing the entire video took almost a year and a half to finish. But it was well worth it, considering the video has since gone viral all over the net and getting over 928,000 views.

Via Daily Mail UK

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