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The secret doodles of Kafka: Surprisingly free of doom and gloom

Whenever poet Gustav Janouch — who penned the book Conversations with Kafka — happened to chance upon Franz Kafka while he was doodling away, the Metamorphosis author apparently preferred to tear up his drawings than let Janouch see them. According to Kafka, these doodles were ‘not as harmless as they look’: ‘These drawings are the remains of an old, deep-rooted passion.

That’s why I tried to hide them from you…. It’s not on the paper. The passion is in me. I always wanted to be able to draw. I wanted to see, and to hold fast to what was seen. That was my passion.’ Still, looking at these drawings, they do seem quite harmless.

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Kafka doodles
Kafka doodles
Kafka doodles
Kafka doodles

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