by Inigo del Castillo in New Products on Thursday 13 February 2014

You might look cool to the ladies with your tall beer glass in hand, but you’ll never be as cool as drinking from a tall beer glass with strobing/spinning lights. The Strobing Beer Glass is a novel way to attract attention and make your beer interesting with its vast array of flashing lights.

Simply press the button at the base of the plastic glass, and lights will envelop your drink, putting on a show for all to see. Attached to it are red, blue, and green LEDs, which come in three modes: strobe, spin, and constant. After the party – and presumably when you have a hangover – the glass is easy to clean with its detachable light-up base.

Sadly, the item is currently out of stock. So while we’re waiting for new stocks to arrive, let’s all be sad with our boring, strobe-less beers.