by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Wednesday 12 February 2014

Warning: the following images contain an infinite amount of cuteness, you will experience uncontrollable ‘awww’ sounds the moment you lay your eyes on these cute animal friends. In early June, Redditor ‘mallinds’ adopted a kitten he found in his backyard. Now that’s good and all, except there’s one problem: he had two ferrets already bunking up in his home.

We’re not animal experts or cat/ferret whisperers here, but we’re pretty sure ferrets and cats aren’t exactly the best of friends.

But luckily for this little blue-eyed kitten, they are! Check out the photos of the two ferrets and the cat, Ned, getting along from the get-go and growing up together as warm, plush bed mates.

Via Imgur