by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Monday 10 February 2014

Award-winning photographer Leland Bobbe captured the curiosity of many – us included – in his revealing series ‘Half-Drag’, where New York City drag queens reveal the men behind the makeup. Now, he’s back with a new series, this time he tries to reveal the true essence of the word, ‘Americana’.

‘Americana Portraits’ is a series of, uhmm portraits, that attempts to define what is quintessentially American. The portraits include men and women of all ages and colours. From retired war vets, to bearded bros, to police officers, to cowboys, for Leland, these people represent America. Leland tells Lost At E Minor in an exclusive interview:

‘With this series of portraits I have tried to capture what I call Americana portraits. These are people that I see as being typically American. Obviously these images don’t represent every type of American. Personally I find these very “real” faces” more interesting than most doctors, lawyers and other white collar professionals. To my eye I believe it is their own personal style and character that sets them apart’.

Leland took the photos mostly throughout New Orleans and at outdoor summer fairs in upstate New York. On the subject of why he chose these people out of the millions of Americans who are ‘typically American’ out there, Leland says, ‘I think they have a distinct Americana feel to them. That is not to say that they represent all of what makes up the American people. These are real faces that I found to have a certain edge and character to them that I was motivated to capture’.

You can see more of the series on his website.