by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Saturday 8 February 2014

When French painter and illustrator DZO said on his website that he doesn’t like constraint when it comes to art, we assumed he meant his choice of canvas. So probably after mastering traditional art on boring pieces of paper – which you can check out on his Instagram – he moved on to more challenging surfaces: stones and skulls.

He uses river stones and a found skull and covered them with intricate illustrations. Kudos to his steady hand and patience, because from the look of these pieces, it must have took him a long time to finish each one.

UPDATE: We interviewed DZO about his peculiar choice of canvas and also asked about his intricate art style. Here’s a preview of our exclusive interview!

You use a paper, as well as stones and skulls, for your art. Which type of canvas do you like drawing on best and why?

My favourite canvas is paper! Any paper. But the skull was incredibly interesting due to surfaces variations.

What was the most challenging part of drawing on stones and bone? What was the best part about it?

Those surface are still ‘living’ materials: rough, bold, smooth, cracked, absorbent. Taming the variety of surfaces on a volume is a real adventure! That was the challenge for me.

Best part?  The part where I finish it and watch the impact of this kind of artwork.

Via This Is Colossal