Featured Image for Sweaty palms alert: this city climber is kinda crazy!

Sweaty palms alert: this city climber is kinda crazy!

Knees are weak. Palms are sweaty. But we can’t look away! Here are the pics compiled by Sploid, documenting the outrageous city climbing trends in Russia. They all feature one climber, Kirill Oreshkin – though you might not even notice since your eyes are automatically drawn to the ground below.

No helmets, no gripping gloves and no nets – this daredevil knows how to live on the edge, but also how to avoid making mistakes (so far). If you haven’t seen this kind of stuff before, don’t even bother looking up videos of this guy in action – it’ll leave you breathless.

Via Sploid

Kirill Oreshkin shows the camera just how death-defying he is as he hangs from a tall building in his home country of Russia

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