Featured Image for Hate airport taxis? Hop on the world’s first dog sled taxi service

Hate airport taxis? Hop on the world’s first dog sled taxi service

If you’re headed to Norway, you can immediately experience the local culture right after you step out of the airport and grab a cab. A different kind of cab, that is. The Kirkenes Snowhotel offers a quirky and adventurous way of getting from the airport to their front door: the world’s first dog sled taxi pick-up service.

For US$372, guests will be picked up by a guided team of eight Alaskan huskies and be given thermal suits, because you know, it’s freakin’ cold in Norway. They will then embark on a 45-minute ride that involves stunning views of snowy landscapes. At the hotel, guests can bond more with their furry cab drivers through tours, wilderness trips, and dog sledding lessons.

Via Inhabitat

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