by Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Friday 7 February 2014

If you’ve been on any online dating site, you’ll know how terrible it can be getting rejected from people you don’t even know. And who knows why they reject you. It could be your taste in music, your profile picture, or even the hobbies you list! In this day and age, where all it takes is a few seconds for someone to write you off in the dating world, there is still hope. Wired shows us just how to improve your chances at true love with 25 infographics that explore the online dating world.

Here’s just a few tips: The single most attractive band you can mention is Radiohead; Using the word “cats” is more attractive that talking about “my cats” (I guess it gives off that creepy cat lady vibe); “Retirement” is the most attractive work-related word in men’s profiles, and smile with teeth. Don’t wanna? Just grin and bare it.

Via Wired