by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Friday 7 February 2014

Artist Joe Mangrum has created over 650 public sand paintings on the streets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other big cities since 2009. These bright and colourful sand paintings usually take him six to eight hours of back breaking work, only to have the temporary works disappear later on. Such is the dedication of a true artist.

His paintings mimic the geometry and beauty of underwater creatures and carnivorous plants emanating electrical impulses. With a pop art feel to them, it’s no wonder that peple passing by can’t help but stop and stare at the entrancing works. Of course, this is all part of Mangrum’s maniacal plot to capture the imagination of his audience and make them a ‘vibrant catalyst in social interactions’.

I’m going to go ahead here and dub this guy ‘The Sandman’.

Via This Is Colossal