Featured Image for Giant animal and human sculptures made from coat hangers

Giant animal and human sculptures made from coat hangers

Who knew coat hangers could create ferocious and realistic animal sculptures? ‘Coathangers’ is a collection of sculptures by Scottish sculptor David Mach, in which he uses an unconventional component, wire coat hangers, as his main art material. The collection includes animal figures like a bear, a gorilla, a tiger, an elk (or is that a deer?), as well as human figures like an astronaut.

The wire hangers probably number in the thousands by the looks of those massive and bulky sculptures. Mach layers and clips the hangers to bulk up the form of the sculptures, then adds in his trademark look – the wire spokes jutting out of the bodies.

Somewhere out there, Pinhead from the ‘Hellraiser’ series, is happy he now has animal friends to associate with.

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