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Tech review: Meze 11 Deco

Romanian industrial designer Antonio Meze dreamt of creating a product that would not only sell, but would also have so much life and passion, it would age gracefully through generations. Well, I think he just designed everyone’s next family heirloom. If earphones were qualified to be family heirlooms, that is.

The Meze 11 Deco is a masterpiece to behold. Its founder’s vision of a dignified set of in-ear headphones has translated into a piece with style and elegance. It has a lovely finish composed of handcrafted beech wood encasing with fitted silicone ear buds and machined aluminium accents. And if you’re constantly annoyed about earphones making love in your pocket, not to worry, it’s got tangle-free cords with integrated microphone. How would I describe its overall look? One word: classy.

Of course, earphones are not just about looks, but about sound. With 8mm Neodymium drivers, it’s pretty good. Upon wearing it, the ear buds quickly hug your ears, isolating you instantly from any distracting background noise. With the isolation comes plenty of bass, but the sound quality is still crisp, clear, and no real distortion.

The Meze 11 Deco is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, MD, and PSP. It comes with three sizes of silicone ear buds and an EVA case.

Overall, it looks, feels, and sounds great. You can use it to sit down and relax or take it on a late night run, and it’s cool either ways. And at $65, it’s a steal.

meze 11 deco
meze 11 deco
meze 11 deco
meze 11 deco
meze 11 deco

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