Snoop Dogg is a Pokemon trainer in his new music video

Snoop Dogg, or rather, Snoop Lion as he calls himself nowadays, has released a music video for his song Get Away. Now, many of you might not like the Snoop Doggy Dog’s new brand of music, but here’s one thing were definitely digging. The video games!

The video features Snoop as a Pokemon trainer making his way through town and eventually battling his producer, Major Lazer, in a Poke’ battle. They use new Pokemon such as Supalion, Sandyman, and Mr. Metal. Of course, Snoop wins and Lazer joins him in a side-scroller shooter video game, where they face off with a monster boom box for a final boss. Why am I not surprised that it’s so trippy?

About the author

Inigo is a writer and graphic designer from Manila, Philippines. He is a soldier of love who will carry you on his strong back of awesomeness when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

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