Featured Image for Sunset Cinema at Sydney’s North Sydney Oval

Sunset Cinema at Sydney’s North Sydney Oval

Positioned as ‘the perfect urban escape and the ideal way to soak up the best of summer’, and with its 2014 season screening five nights per week until March 9, the Sunset Cinema sits on the hallowed turf of North Sydney Oval: the home of the first outdoor cinema in Sydney.

With films to suit everyone’s taste – including the latest blockbusters, comedy, romance, musicals and classics – it’s a nice evening out. However, for nearly $20 per ticket, and with patrons being advised not to bring ‘pointy-leg chairs of any kind’ into the Oval, I was surprised to find that the backrests available within the venue came at an additional $5 cost (beanbags were more); and somewhat disappointed that the eagerly-awaited Crust pizzas ran out as soon as I reached the front of the 15-minute queue, and that the bar closed as soon as the film started

That said, it was a sociable evening out, and with additional operations in Wollongong and Canberra, it’s a nice way to spend a summer’s evening.

IMB Sunset Cinema North Sydney
IMB Sunset Cinema North Sydney

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