by Inigo del Castillo in New Illustration on Saturday 1 February 2014

New York-based illustrator Karla Mialynne creates hyper realistic artworks that make you have internal debates whether you’re looking at a photo or a painting. Her subjects usually involve different animals like colourful birds, a goldfish, a mouse, and a husky wearing a Native American headdress. She uses coloured markers, watercolour pencils, and acrylic paint to illustrate the realistic images, then sets all the tools down beside it, and takes a photo.

The detail and beautiful mix of colours in the artworks is mind-blowing, making frustrated artists out there even more frustrated. Like pulling-you-hair-out kind of frustrated and going, ‘my life as an artist is a farce!’ You can see more of her works on her Instagram, and there’s even a video of her drawing the painting of the pug.

Via Visual News