Featured Image for A collection of rings and pendants inspired by the 7 deadly sins

A collection of rings and pendants inspired by the 7 deadly sins

Can you guess which ring represents wrath? Or which pendant symbolizes sloth? I’ll give you a minute. Answer key is below. Jewelry designer Stephen Webster has created a collection of extravagant and flamboyant jewelry inspired by the 7 deadly sins. The sins, composed of pride, greed, envy, lust, sloth, wrath, and our favourite, gluttony, each have a corresponding precious gemstone. The stones are: tanzanite, peridot, fire opal, amethyst, red garnet, diamonds, and aquamarine.

Only seven will be made from each design, making it a total of 49 rings and 49 pendants, which could explain the £15,000 to £98,000 price tag of each item.

Now for the answers! The ones with the eye, that’s envy. The ones with the clutching hand, that’s wrath. The ones with dollar signs and coins, greed. The piece with multiple arms, lust. The one with lips and teeth, gluttony. The pillow-looking ring and pendant, sloth. And finally, the dominantly purple with peacock feathers, pride.

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