by Inigo del Castillo in Architecture on Thursday 30 January 2014

With a loft like this, who needs IKEA? Georg Bechter Architecture has designed a multi-story loft in Berlin that saves space with its smartly built-in furniture. At the centre of the room is a rounded white glossy panelled column that integrates a fireplace and a flat screen TV.

Around it, you can enjoy your luxurious home through two levels: the unfolding couch area, and the elevated podium containing the kitchen and dining area. The cool thing about the unfolding couch is how well thought out its design is. It blocks the view of the dining room when unfolded and can be tucked away when you don’t need it – effectively making more room for your loft.

The dining area and kitchen are conveniently located near the entrance, and are separated from the lower part of the loft by a glass balustrade. Now, if only I could win the lottery, I could get a bachelor’s pad like this.

Via Trendir