by Rachel Oakley in New Design on Tuesday 28 January 2014

Those condom packages you see in pharmacies and grocery stores? Boring. Ugly. And totally geared towards the guys. So in order to help women ‘feel more comfortable about buying, carrying and storing condoms,’ a group of students from the School of Visual Arts in NYC have come up with a new design concept that’s just for the gals. They’re called Mine condoms and they’ve got a really fun and quirky teabag-like design.

The new packaging is also a way to ‘do away with the ‘shame’ that some women feel about owning condoms,’ with a condom holder also designed to sit among other everyday items. The Mine condoms team also came up with some cool ways to market the new product, including posters that sported minimalist design. Too bad this is just a concept for now but hopefully condom manufacturers will get the message that females want a more feminine condom to keep on-hand.

Via Design Taxi