Featured Image for Finally, a jacket for doomsday preppers that’s stylish and functional

Finally, a jacket for doomsday preppers that’s stylish and functional

Doomsday preppers take note. This is the jacket you want in your closet when the world comes to an end. Designed and created by Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault, the On The Edge Jacket features a range of life-saving features a visor and mask that can fold over the face (to provide protection for the eyes and respiratory system), plus flotation devices around the neck and base of the jacket (in case you get swept up in that end-of-the-world flood). Water and food can ‘be hoarded in pockets created in the lining’ and bright orange flaps come out of the pockets at the sides for attracting attention.

On top of all that, the jacket even includes gold-coloured foil that unwraps from the hem to cover the legs (protecting you from the cold), plus bandages attached at the back.

Via Dezeen


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