by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Monday 27 January 2014

Though this lion sculpture isn’t the same ‘Aslan’ from Narnia, it’s equally cool and badass with its glistening metal body. Think of it as The Great Lion, but in Optimus Prime mode! Istanbul-based artist, Selcuk Yilmaz, created ‘Aslan’ from over 4,000 pieces of metal scrap and took him approximately 10 months work to hand-cut and hammer. The final product is an imposing and beautiful 10 foot, 550 pound King of the Jungle.

Looking at the details of ‘Aslan’ is a sight to behold. It’s amazing how Yilmaz was able to bend and manipulate the metal in order to accurately depict the contours of a real lion. And that mane! Just look at that gorgeous, free-flowing, cold metal hair!

Via Twisted Sifter