by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Saturday 25 January 2014

We might as well be singing The Little Mermaid’s ‘A Part of Your World’ with this fantastical photo series. Hana Vojáčková is a Prague-born, London-based photographer who has attempted to merge the mythical world of mermaids with our own. In ‘Milk & Sea’, she asks the questions, ‘what could mermaids’ stories be if the mermaids were living now in contemporary conditions? Where would they live? What would they do? Who would they actually be?’

She then visualizes the answers by showing us mermaids in different countries and environments. To do this, she had to travel to various locations and find interesting women, in which she created a narrative around.

She says, ‘The photographs are a response to the culturally-coded imagery we have in connection with mermaids. The imagery is built upon, diverted or broken down. Working with the theme of popular culture I wanted to link the series by using a strongly colourful and easily approachable aesthetic. When I was thinking about the name for the work, I remembered that the traditional Czech expression for a healthy girl is that she is “blood and milk”. Applied to mermaids the words could developed into the expression that she is milk & sea’.

Via Design Taxi