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Interview with the guy who tattooed the world map on his back and colours in each country he visits

Bill Passman plans to travel the world extensively, so much so that he needs a reminder of where he’s been to. And so he got a tattoo of the world map on his back and colours in each country after he visits it. Pretty cool souvenir, huh? [read our original post about Bill Passman and a Facebook Q&A he did with our Facebook Friends]

How many countries have you traveled to and how’s the tattoo colouring coming along?
The tattoo has the latest coloring but will another update in couple of months as I am currently in Thailand and will be visiting 3 new counties, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Currently, I have visited approximately 75-80 counties.

What’s the most memorable country you’ve been to and why?
Most memorable country is difficult as every country has something special but hiking in Nepal for 18 days to Everest Base Camp was breathtaking scenery. To be standing at 5500 meters and have Everest and other mountains still so high above you is incredible. Overall Guatemala is my favorite country due to its natural beauty, amazing people, old Spanish colonial buildings and so inexpensive.

How do you fund your extensive travels?
When I decided to travel, I unfortunately, had not saved any money. I sold everything and paid off my bills and still had very little money. My office building was my last property and the person said he would pay my mortgage and give me $1500 a month for 5 years, then a small lump sum. I received my LAST $1500 payment yesterday. The lump sum will have to last at least 2 years until I receive an early retirement pension at 62, which will not be much. I also have additional income from guiding tours around the world.

Any plans for new tattoos?
The only new tattoos I am considering are a compass to go with my world tattoo and possibly one of my favorite travel quotes. Haven’t decided which one.

One last thing, I have received three responses to my world tattoo in which they posted a picture of a tattoo exactly like mine before the coloring. They say imitation is the best form of flattery.

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