by Low Lai Chow in Tech on Friday 24 January 2014

So, about these spinning classes that gets you absolutely nowhere but a pair of sore legs. Such a waste of power, no? But how about a stationary bike that lets you pedal away while you sit – otherwise sedentary at your work desk – and channel that kinetic energy where you like, be it a kitchen device or a smartphone? With its mission of seeing every household charging phones, processing food, and pumping water with bicyling power, NY-based Pedal Power takes 97% efficient bicycle technology, and hand-builds beautiful custom machines with welded, all-steel frames and stock bicycle parts, where possible, for handling everyday tasks.

Its Big Rig product has a work surface and can be used to generate 100 watts of electricity or pump 5 gallons of water per minute, for instance; while its Pedal Genny is a relatively portable, single function machine that can be configured to power any mechanical device requiring less than 1 horsepower. The Pedal Power team is a two-man one comprising college pals who are both entrepreneurs, live in rural upstate New York and share the vision of making pedal-powered machines as economical and widespread as the bicycle. It’s no wonder that their Kickstarter appeal last year raked in over thrice the $10,000 target they asked for.