by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Thursday 23 January 2014

Foodies, restauranteurs, mushroom lovers – this one’s for you. Business Insider has taken us on a whirlwind photo tour of how the very precious white truffle goes from Italian countryside to Michelin-starred restaurant. Found in the damp forests of the Langhe, a ‘hilly area in the southern part of Italy’s northwestern Piedmont region,’ the small town of Alba is considered to be the capital of Italian white truffles.

Dogs are trained from birth to detect the smell of truffles, which ‘give off a distinctive smell for a limited amount of time.’ The truffles are found below the ground, usually between two to eight inches, near roots of trees. Once truffles have been found, some of them end up at the World White Truffle Auction, where, in 2013, two truffles weighing 2.09 pounds sold for $120,000 to a buyer from Hong Kong.

Via Business Insider