by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Thursday 23 January 2014

Los Angeles-based photographer Tim Tadder gives us physics-defying series about people wearing hair made out of water in ‘Water Wigs’ and ‘Water Wigs Women’. Using high speed photography and perfect timing, Tadder captures the water splashing on the models just as the water balloons burst on impact. If you think this is a hard process to do, you’re probably right.

Ideal conditions must be set first before Tadder can capture anything worth keeping. The studio he did the shoot in? It had to be completely dark, and to get the perfect popping motion, Tadder had to tape thumbtacks onto his models’ heads.

So I’m imagining the shoot process to be like this: put on makeup, drop water balloon, shoot, dry off, then do it again. Wonder how long it took them to finish everything? In any case, the magical photos are worth the painstaking repetition.

Via Toxel