by Inigo del Castillo in New Products on Wednesday 22 January 2014

Waiter, there’s an ant in my soup. And in my tea cup, my saucer, my tea pot, and my salad plate. German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie decided to combine the elegance of vintage porcelain with the grossness of a horde of ants in a series she calls Chitins Gloss.

Various dining pieces such as plates, tea cups, and jugs are all crawling with ants, as if your kitchen is having some sort of ant-infestation. Why did she think hand-painting creepy crawlies on something you’d place your food on was a good idea? She says:

‘The idea for this work resulted from pure chance, when the sight of a carelessly placed plate—by then wandered by ants—fascinated me so much that I felt the urge to simply conserve this image. Fear, disgust, fascination and admiration: this very interplay of feelings constitutes the charm of the work. Furthermore, to me, the ants symbolize all the stories that any formerly discarded piece of porcelain carries with it. Where one once dined and drank, today ants bustle in ever new formations, every single one applied with a great love for detail’.

Though the sight of ants might make your guests lose their appetites, it has a strange appeal that comes off as interestingly beautiful. If you want a piece for your dining room, head on over to her Etsy page.

Via This Is Colossal